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Keys to Winning Celebrate Soccer

We've made it easy to help you spread the word about Celebrate Soccer, so that you can help your child's soccer team to win incredible prizes, including tickets to a New York Cosmos match.

Below are sample messages to simplify your life. Use these tools to rally fellow parents and community members to enter your child's soccer team. Go team!

Email Email

Forward the Celebrate Soccer sweepstakes to your fellow parents via email

share on facebook Sample Status Updates to Post on Facebook

• Click the Facebook icon up top to share the sweepstakes with your network

• Update your status regularly through Oct. 16 to encourage other parents to enter to win your child's soccer team. Copy and paste the following:

• I just entered my kid's soccer team in the @NYMetroParents #CelebrateSoccer sweepstakes to win a team party to a New York Cosmos match! Enter at NYMetroParents.com/soccer!

• Help my child's soccer team win BIG in the @NYMetroParents #CelebrateSoccer  sweepstakes at NYMetroParents.com/soccer!

share on twitter  Sample Tweets (140 characters or less)

• Click the Twitter icon up top to tweet the sweepstakes out to your followers

• Tweet out the sweepstakes regularly through Oct. 16 using #CelebrateSoccer to raise awareness

• Sample Tweets (140 characters or less) to copy and paste:

• Help my kid’s team in #CelebrateSoccer sweepstakes at @NYMetroParents win awesome prizes. Enter [fill in your child's team] nymetroparents.com/soccer

• Parents, enter [fill in your child's teamto win the #CelebrateSoccer sweepstakes at @NYMetroParents at nymetroparents.com/soccer

• #CelebrateSoccer via @NYMetroParents is giving out awesome prizes. Help by entering at nymetroparents.com/soccer

• Enter [fill in your child's team] at nymetroparents.com/soccer, so we can win 1 of 8 team parties! #CelebrateSoccer

newsletter Sample Copy to Use in Your Organization's Newsletters

For parents who are part of organizations like parent support groups or PTAs, with internal newsletters, here are some brief descriptions you can copy and paste into your text.

• Help Your Child's Soccer Team! Let's show our team spirit and win a team party from NYMetroParents. If we win, we'll get tickets to a New York Cosmos game!  Let's be one of the winners! Vote for [fill in your child's team] at NYMetroParents.com/soccer

• We Want to Win TIckets to See the New York Cosmos! NYMetroParents is giving away huge prizes as part of its Celebrate Soccer sweepstakes. Enter your child's soccer team! Let's be one of the winning schools. The more parents enter our team, makes more chances to win. Cast your vote at NYMetroParents.com/soccer

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